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Frequently asked questions

General Info

How does the 100% satisfaction guarantee work?

After the cleaning service, you have 24 hours to check whether you like the results. If you're not satisfied, please contact our customer support via email or phone, and tell us about what went wrong. You may request a free 'correction cleaning' (with the same, or different cleaning lady depending on your preference). You may also be eligible for a discount on future cleanings, as well as a partial or 100% refund.

Is every cleaner a female?

No! Cleaning lady is a term people commonly use when searching for a cleaning person online. Both male and female cleaners use our marketplace to deliver high-quality cleaning services. We're not trying to promote outdated gender stereotypes.

What if I need to cancel the cleaning?

To cancel your booking, simply contact our customer support via email or phone specifying the appointment details (appointment date and your name/email address are enough). We'll confirm your cancellation via email. If your cancellation is made no later than 48 hours before the original cleaning date, you'll receive 100% of your deposit back.


How can I pay for the cleaning?

You can pay using any major credit or debit card, SOFORT, and bank transfer. On request we can also accept payments via PayPal and BitCoin. Payments in cash are not accepted.


How is the move-in & move-out cleaning service different from a regular cleaning service?

Move-in & move-out cleaning service focuses on extensive dusting, and cleaning up after move and/or construction works.

How is the deep cleaning service different from basic cleaning service?

Basic cleaning service concentrates on easily accessible surfaces and areas of your home. A deep cleaning service covers less-accessible areas, such as inside-the-fridge, inside-the-oven, inside-the-cabinets. If you live in a well-kept home cleaned on at least weekly basis, the deep cleaning service may not be the best choice.

When should I order a deep cleaning service?

Many people choose a deep home cleaning service before starting a cleaning subscription, which is more oriented towards maintaining cleanliness 365 days/year. Some customers choose a deep cleaning service to eliminate allergy & asthma triggers from their homes.


What is the minimum duration of the cleaning I can book?

The minimum duration of the regular cleaning service is 2 hours. 2 hours is usually a minimum required time to properly clean a bathroom, a kitchen, and other areas even at smallest homes. If you choose a deep cleaning service, we recommend booking at last 3 hours.

How do I know that my booking is confirmed?

After filling out our online form, we'll match you with a cleaning lady available for the last-minute cleaning service. Once we find a match, you'll a link to a secure page where you can pay the deposit for the first hour of the cleaning service. Once the deposit it paid, you'll receive a final confirmation email with the booking details.

What time of the day can the cleaning service be scheduled for?

The cleaning service can be booked for any time of the day and night, 7 days a week, 365 a year. However, we cannot guarantee a match with a cleaning person in each instance. In such cases, our customer support agent will reach out to you via email or phone, and propose alternative cleaning dates.

How can I specify the cleaning scope?

You can select any special requests directly in the booking form. If you need a service which is not available in the booking form, please describe it in the 'comments' section. We cannot guarantee that every special request will be fulfilled, but we always do our best to match you with a perfect home cleaner for your needs. You can also reach out to us via phone or email. In the past we had helped in cleaning boats, nightclubs, trade shows, and outdoor events with thousands of attendees.

Cleaning Appointment

Do I have to be at home during the cleaning service?

It is completely up to you. Some customers enjoy the opportunity to have some time for themselves out in the city while their apartment is being cleaned. Others like to be around to have a chance to give the cleaning lady directions when needed. The only thing you need to make sure is that your cleaner has a way to access your home.

Will the cleaning lady bring the cleaning solvents & equipment with her/him?

If you would like your cleaner to bring cleaning solvents, mop, and vacuum cleaner with him/her, you need to specify that option in the booking form. If you forget to do it while booking, simply contact our customer support via email, phone, or chat, and we'll add it to your booking.

Can a cleaner use a vacuum cleaner, mop, and cleaning solvents I have at home?

Absolutely! By providing your cleaning lady with all necessary equipment you not only save money, but also have a guarantee that she/he uses tools/solvents that work best in your apartment.

What if I need to reschedule my appointment?

If you need to reschedule your appointment, contact our customer support via phone or email with your new preferred appointment date. Please keep in mind that such changes should be made no later than 48 hours before the original appointment date.


How can I subscribe to the cleaning service?

To subscribe to a cleaning service you need to order a "regular cleaning" and select the date of the cleaning. Our customer support will contact you via email (or phone, if you prefer) to ask about your preferred frequency of the service. You can also specify that directly in the booking form. In the near future we're planning to add a subscription option to our booking form.

What is the minimum subscription period?

There is no minimum subscription period. We only ask you to commit to at least 2 cleaning appointments - you can cancel your subscription after the second appointment without consequences. If you're not sure whether the subscription is something right for you, we recommend you try the one-time home cleaning service.

How can I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, simply contact our customer support via email or phone, providing your name & email address under which the subscription was made. If you have multiple subscriptions (e.g. one for your home, and another one for your office), let us know which one would you want to cancel. Subscription should be canceled not later than 48 hours before the next scheduled appointment.