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In-home laundry & ironing service in Luxembourg

Convenient and efficient in-home laundry & ironing services at your place.

In-home laundry & ironing service

Ironing and/or laundry service at your home

Select ironing, laundry, or both, directly in your home, offering flexible and tailored fabric care options.


With or without home cleaning service

Opt for ironing & laundry service independently, or combine it with home cleaning for a complete care package — the choice is yours, with no obligation to bundle.


English Speaking

You can choose an English-speaking home care professional at no extra cost.

How to book laundry and/or ironing service?


Fill out the booking form

To book just a laundry and/or ironing service, select Basic Cleaning, specify the date & time, and let us know in the comments that you do not need a general cleaning.


Pay for the first hour

To confirm your booking a deposit for the first hour is required. The amount paid is deducted from the final bill.


Washing & ironing done

We'll match you with a verified cleaning person, experienced in laundry & ironing. After the service, you'll receive a summary, and the bill.

Laundry and ironing services for your busy lifestyle in Luxembourg.

Navigating life in Luxembourg, balancing work and personal life can be challenging. Let us connect you with English-speaking professionals offering laundry and ironing services, without the commitment of long-term contracts. Enjoy the flexibility of tailored services that align with your schedule, facilitated through our platform. Simplify your life with access to reliable service providers ready to help you maintain a comfortable and orderly home, allowing you more freedom to focus on what's important.

Laundry & Ironing Scope

Access a wide array of laundry services, from sorting and stain treatment in your home to handling bulky items at off-premise locations. With services like ironing, folding, and specialized care for bedding and towels, every need is covered with precision and convenience.

In-Home Laundry Service

  • Sort clothes by color and fabric type.
  • Select the optimal washing program.
  • Check garment labels for specific care instructions.
  • Treat stains pre-wash with suitable stain removers to enhance cleaning.

Ironing & Folding Clothes

  • Iron clothes to remove wrinkles and ensure a crisp finish.
  • Adjust iron temperature according to fabric needs.
  • Pay special attention to collars, cuffs, and pleats for sharp lines.
  • Fold clothes neatly for easy storage.

Bedding & Towel Service

  • Wash bedding and towels to ensure freshness and hygiene.
  • Iron bedding to eliminate allergens, providing a smooth, inviting appearance.
  • Inspect bedding and towels post-wash for complete cleanliness.
  • Fold towels and bedding meticulously for organized storage.

Off-Premise Laundry

  • Specialized care for bulky items like comforters, curtains, and large blankets.
  • Handling of laundry logistics, including transportation to and from the facility.
  • Ideal for homes without a washing machine or during appliance breakdowns.
  • Tailored services for Airbnb hosts, ensuring clean linens and towels for guests.

Convenient alternative to traditional dry cleaners

Enjoy the ease of laundry and ironing services that come directly to your home, eliminating the need to visit traditional dry cleaners. Accessible through the platform, this service is tailored to your schedule and specific garment care instructions, ensuring a hassle-free experience without stepping outside your door.

Please specify any unique requirements you might have when booking—whether it’s special care for delicate items, using particular detergents due to allergies, or following precise ironing and folding instructions. This ensures the service is customized to your expectations.

Especially suitable for individuals with busy schedules, those without personal washing facilities, or anyone aiming to simplify their household tasks, this option caters to various laundry care demands. It’s also a solid choice for people with specific garment care needs, sensitive skin, or preferences for certain laundering procedures.

Whether you're a family needing regular laundry assistance, a professional looking to keep your wardrobe in top condition, or an Airbnb host aiming to provide guests with clean, neatly ironed linens and towels, this service is designed to make life easier.

Just fill out the simple booking form with your laundry and ironing preferences and timing. You’ll be matched with an appropriate service that aligns with your needs, offering a practical and convenient alternative to the traditional dry cleaning process, right in the comfort of your own home.

Over 20,000 happy customers since 2016

What our customers say about our service?

5 stars from start to finish. We needed to book a cleaning for the next day and the team made it happen effortlessly. It was easy to schedule and communicate the details needed. Payment was very easy as well, which was a bonus. The team that arrived to clean were not only lovely and polite but thorough and double checked to ensure we were happy. Will use again and would recommend.

Olivia Guy

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Spic and Span manager team was fantastic during and after the reservation period and the contracted staff was punctual, respectful and did a thorough job. They even managed to scrub my balcony walls clean of red sidewalk chalk after my kids made a mess over the summer! It was also quite convenient to be able to communicate in English with the team. Thank you to Spic and Span folks for making life just a bit easier and for providing such superb service!!

'Åževin Turcan'

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The cleaning team (two people) arrived on time. After listening to my general directions they immediately set to work. This cleaning was for a move out, so there was much that needed to be done. The team cleaned the entire place top to bottom and did very well. There were a few minor things over-looked like cobwebs. I think that they could have used at least one more person on the team to be more efficient.

Amos Hard

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I needed a last minute spruce up of our apartment a few months ago and chose to use Spic and Span. I was pleased that I did too, the customer experience is very easy and pleasant but more importantly the cleaner did a fabulous job. I used them for a second time and the next cleaner did a very good job too. So the 3rd and most recent time I decided to hire 2 cleaners for 2 hours (instead of 1 for 1) and got everything in the flat cleaned and dusted including the balcony. The cleaners were once again very polite and did a fab job. The company obviously ensures the people they employ are polite, well mannered and effective.

Giles Heaton

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I had good experience with the service. The cleaner who came to our place was fast and independent (did everything very well, and without asking thousand questions). I am satisfied. Will book again

Maja K.

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100% satisfied. I book Spic and Span for our employees in Berlin, we´re always happy with their services.

'Kristýna S.'

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Efficient, nice and available on short notice. Would absolutely recommend them!

Julia Hartmann

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Excellent cleaning service, friendly staff, decent prices. I had to move out of my apartment and I needed professional cleaning, they provided me with an excellent cleaning service and met all my expectations!

Charilaos H.

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Overall I am happy with the experience. The cleaners showed up around 10 minutes late, claiming that they had to stay a bit longer at another client's, so not the perfect start. But then it got better. In 2.5 hours almost transformed my 50sqm apartment. What I liked the most is that the quickly understood my preferences and I didn't had to explain everything twice like it happened with other companies. The price may be a bit higher than others, but in my opinion is totally worth it!

Laura C.

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In order to get my deposit back I had to get my Airbnb apartment cleaned. Spic and Span team did an amazing job, they responded in no time and helped me in my emergency situation. Highly professional and available 24/7.

Magdalena K.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I book just ironing or laundry, without needing to book a home cleaning service?

Yes, you can book either ironing, laundry, or both services independently of a home cleaning service. Specify your choice in the booking form.

How to book laundry and/or ironing service?

To book the laundry and/or ironing service, please visit our standard booking form and select one of the "basic" cleaning packages. Next, choose laundry and/or ironing as an additional task. If you do not require general cleaning, make sure to specify this in the comment section of the booking form. This way, we can tailor the service exclusively to your laundry and ironing needs.

How is the cost of the service calculated?

The service is priced at a fixed hourly rate, as indicated on the booking form. You have the flexibility to specify the number of hours you would like the service provider to spend on your laundry and ironing tasks. If you prefer an "open-ended" service, simply mention in the comment section of the booking form that the duration can be extended to ensure the service is completed. The total cost will be based on the actual hours spent, according to the hourly rate provided..

Do I need to provide the laundry detergent and iron?

You should ideally have the required detergents and equipment available at your home. If anything is missing, please mention it in the comments section when booking. In case the service provider needs to supply additional items, we'll ensure you're fully informed of any extra charges beforehand. This approach guarantees transparency and peace of mind, with no unexpected costs after the service. Your satisfaction and the smooth execution of your service are our top priorities.

Can I schedule a recurring service?

Absolutely! You can arrange for recurring washing and ironing services weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Just specify your preferred schedule when filling out the booking form.

How long does a typical washing and ironing service take?

The duration depends on the volume of laundry and the specific services requested. Once you've detailed your needs in the booking form, we can provide a more accurate time estimate.

What happens if my laundry or garments are damaged during the service?

Service providers are careful and experienced, but in the rare event of damage, please report the issue through the platform immediately. The situation will be reviewed for a possible resolution.

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